PhoneGap + Leaflet + TileMill

This article explains how to render a tiled map with TileMill from OpenStreetMap data and make it available on iOS (Android also should be possible) for offline usage. This is achieved by using a combination of PhoneGap with several plugins and Leaflet for showing the map.

Why you should upgrade to iOS 7

Today iOS 7 has been released and therefore every media is focused on it, especially social media. And as this update to iOS brings singificant changes, most notably in the GUI and UX (I dont't want to point them out here, there are enough other sites doing it already), there …

Review: The Inner World

And here it is: The first point-and-click adventure game review of "The Inner World".

iOS Jailbreak app recommendations

iOS is a great mobile OS because it (mostly) just works without much hassle: Simple setup, easy configuration and beautiful design. But there will always be something somebody won't like, for example I dislike the current design of the upcoming release…

First blog post!

Finally a fully functional website! It took a very long time until this site got there: The first time I registered the domain was propably back in January 2009, mainly for easier access to my very first hosted virtual server. It was meant for experimenting and tinkering with …